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Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Cassock For Sale Is A Great Gift


A Cassock For Sale has always been one of the most popular gifts of the Catholic Church. It was given out on the Feast of the Exaltation of Bishops and has always been a traditional part of the Catholic Church ceremony.

The most popular use for the Cassock was as the burial cloth of the martyrs. The priest would wrap the cassock around the body, to signify that he is mourning the martyr and that they are offering the funeral service at the local Church.

The cassock was also kept in the church and given out for communion. The priests and the sisters were expecting to give communion to each other when they washed their hands before going into the confessional. The cassock was then passed from brother to sister on their way to the confessional.

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The cassock became very popular when it was created in the 12th century by St. Boniface. His cassock had a collar, a strap or a cincture which covered the breast of the priest and was tied above the breastbone. This was to signify the priest was to be covered with the blood of Christ. oblachenie.com

The cassock has gone through several different changes throughout the years. As the Roman Catholic Church began to develop its own tradition, the cassock became more common and was even used to cover the head of the Pope as he walked on the balcony. Many popes during the last half of the 20th Century would actually walk from the balcony and onto the altar on the cassock.

The Cassock for sale today has become a very popular gift for the Catholic Church and has even been used to give communion to members of the clergy. They can also be used for various purposes throughout the home. You could give them as a Father's Day present, Mother's Day gift, Valentine's Day Gift or Christmas gift.

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